If you’re looking to expand the reach of your business, you need the services of a reliable, qualified, and reputable freelance writer for hire who can become a business partner on an as-needed basis.

I specialize in the needs of small- to mid-size businesses requiring custom content solutions. As a senior-level professional who doesn’t require hand-holding, I have often delivered for clients who had almost given up in the search for a reliable writing and editing professional.

If you’re looking to hire a top freelance writer, you’ve come to the right place. I have more than ten years of experience as a full-time, client-oriented independent writer in addition to ten years of leadership and direct management experience in a variety of corporate settings. Based on my education, experience, and skills I am able to offer a variety of freelance writing and editing services, with particular specialties in the areas of business, finance, and education. Whether this is our first time working together or our twentieth, I am committed to the success of your projects.


Content Writing

You already know engagement is the watchword in today’s online business landscape, but are you also watching out for penguins and hummingbirds? These are terms for just a couple of Google’s latest algorithm changes and can have serious consequences for your online content. Is your content keeping up? I stay up-to-date on the latest changes and best white-hat practices for optimal content that ranks well and works for the user – meaning it works for you and your business.

Have you ever done a Google search and found that the top results were all from two to three years ago (even if they weren’t relevant)? Those types of results are driven by “evergreen content,” content that’s so strong that recency factors are outweighed. This type of content consistently draws in high-quality traffic. Where are your evergreens growing?

White Papers

It isn’t easy to find web content writers who are comfortable with and capable of taking on long-form projects like white paper writing. I’m happy to be the exception. White papers can attract and convert prospects and subscribers, cement your organization’s reputation for expertise in your field, and build customer loyalty (including repeat business!). In addition to writing your white paper content, I provide page design, supporting images, and PDF conversion to discourage unwanted content duplication and copyright infringement.


Comprehensive Editing

It can be difficult to step back from content you’ve written yourself and edit it objectively. As a professional editor I revise your content for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I also provide guidance as a fresh observer, making suggestions for structure, clarity, and flow; reductions for conciseness; formatting; and more, such as consulting on style guides.

Did you know that Google “punishes” duplicate content in its search results? Duplicating articles, including blog posts, guest posts, and LinkedIn posts, can hurt your rankings. Rewriting your content to examine different angles or points of view for different content streams is one way to avoid this.

Website Optimization

If you have the content you need but it’s not driving site traffic, conversions, or engagement, I can help. I can bring fresh, objective eyes to your site, deploying professional web tools, identifying opportunities, and editing what you have to complete your online vision and goals.

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