Bad webmaster, no cookie. Your CSS is having a panic attack!

Code is a fickle beast, not least because it relies on you to tell it exactly what to do and when. If you get the “what” but miss the “when” part in a carousel, this is what happens:

CSS carousel error

As you might be able to tell, the above carousel intended to present at least four slides – but since the code isn’t describing the desired order, you get everything all at once.

How to Fix Slow Running Internet on Windows 10

One of the main thrusts of my thoughts column will be working smarter, and since I just had to tackle this, I figured I’d start out helping you learn how to fix slow internet on Windows 10.

I delayed upgrading to Windows 10 since I was afraid that it wouldn’t be compatible with a few of the programs I typically run for work tasks, like my HTML editor. Over the weekend, Microsoft decided it had been long enough and forced the update on my desktop. Monday morning when I logged on ready to work I discovered my computer was not ready to work with me. The internet was unbearably slow, even for ordinarily fast pages fully or partially in cache.

The first thing I did was to restart the computer (echoes of the IT Crowd: “Hello IT, have you tried turning it off and on again?”). That did not resolve the issue.

Next up was to double-check that it wasn’t my internet that was the issue (it rarely is, but you never know) Continue reading