About Me

Laura McPherson ProfileI studied English and Humanities at Northern Illinois University and Career and Technical Education at Eastern New Mexico University, building a strong foundation in the English language and linguistics paired with a background in education and teaching. I also took numerous courses in business and the sciences. Professionally, prior to becoming a freelancer, I worked in and with numerous call centers (including retail, correctional facilities, and finance); as a CDL-A certified truck driver for the Coca-Cola Company; and as an operations manager/supervisor for Inland Real Estate Investment Corporation, one of the largest real estate investment companies in America. This well-rounded approach has served me well as a freelance writer, helping me build skills and knowledge in direct training and education, HR and management, finance and real estate, and logistics.

My home office is located in Chicago; if you’re a prospective local client looking to hire a Chicago based freelancer, I’d love to meet you! If you aren’t local to Chicago but would prefer face-to-face interaction please know that I am flexible and travel frequently at low per diem rates.

To read more about my professional background, please connect with me on LinkedIn. As a little more about me, aside from writing and reading, my great loves are my friends and family, my dogs, travel, and photography (see my photography work here and other chicago skyline art for sale as well as one of my specialties, office art for sale, on Fine Art America).

I look forward to discussing how we can work together.