Word choice Wednesday: Victorian fashion in 2017

In hyper-competitive niches, it can be tempting to cram in relevant keywords wherever you see an opportunity to boost your SERPs – but that’s not always a good idea, as this fashion headline raises more questions than answers:

Figure-flattering boot

  1. Did I just wake up in 1895?
  2. Is the comely turn of my ankle suddenly back in fashion?
  3. Can a boot really flatter my figure?

I thought it was safe to say the answer to all three is “no,” and this was clickbait. However, purely for research purposes I did click for the bait – and found over-the-knee boots that most certainly would not be figure-flattering, much less leg-flattering, for the majority, with the boots pictured sporting a circumference of 15 inches at the upper. I feel lied to – and that’s not what you want your readers to feel when they follow a promise.